Sentence Examples

  • These often have the form of prisms of calcite surrounded by a cuti cular meshwork; the whole is nourished and kept alive by processes, which in Crania are branched; these perforate the shell and permit the access of the coelomic fluid throughout its substance.
  • The life-history of Schistostomum haematobium is still unknown, but the difficulty in obtaining developmental stages in any of the numerous intermediate hosts that have been tried suggests that the ciliated larvae may develop directly in man and either gain access to him by the use of impure water for drinking or may perforate his skin when bathing.
  • The inner surface of their cup-shaped mouth is armed with pointed teeth, with which they perforate the integuments of the fish attacked, scraping off particles of the flesh and sucking the blood.
  • And movable perforate plates and perforated rings, both the movable plates being driven by the same current and revolving about a common axis.
  • The blastopore, bl, has The extent of the shell and closed; the anus will subcommencing upgrowth of the sequently perforate the cormantle-skirt is indicated by responding area.

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