Sentence Examples

  • The premise of these videos is that the first part of it creates a sense of peacefulness and calm, and then at the most unexpected moment the scene quickly changes to a close-up of a very scary or grotesque face.
  • Add discrete piping, a notch collar button front and two panel pockets, as well as a drawstring pant and fabric-covered elastic waistband with a hidden fly button and you're truly ready for your close-up.
  • Always buy from authorized sellers, and if buying online, ask for close-up pictures of Coach handbags to help determine if quality of the craftsmanship truly meets Coach standard.
  • Their Bay Cruise Adventure has fascinated many tourists with a close-up look at the Golden Gate Bridge and unobstructed views of all the city skylines around the Bay.
  • These tests include an evaluation of the child's binocular vision, his eye movements, his ability to converge and focus on objects close-up, and his ocular health.