57 Synonyms for "In Conclusion" To Use in Your Writing

Sometimes "in conclusion" is too on the nose

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Updated February 28, 2023
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After writing an incredible introduction and incisive body paragraphs, you might have trouble knowing how to properly close your essay or research paper. While there’s nothing wrong with in conclusion as an old standby, it doesn’t hurt to spread your wings and find some better synonyms for in conclusion.

Common Alternatives for “In Conclusion”

You don’t want to sound repetitive in your writing, so here are some common words and phrases you can use instead of in conclusion if needed.

  • all in all
  • all things considered
  • altogether
  • as a rule
  • by and large
  • finally
  • in the end
  • largely
  • lastly
  • mostly
  • next
  • now
  • in general
  • most importantly
  • taking all of this into account
  • to end
  • to conclude
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Formal and Professional “In Conclusion” Synonyms

If you’re working on an essay, research paper, or other more formal, professional pieces of writing, you might want to sound more professional in your concluding paragraphs too.

Trying using one of these alternatives for in conclusion to state your closing points confidently. 

  • as a result
  • as indicated
  • briefly
  • categorically
  • chiefly
  • overall
  • predominantly
  • primarily
  • ultimately
  • in brief
  • in closing
  • in essence
  • in short
  • in summary
  • in summation
  • to summarize
  • to surmise
  • in the final analysis
  • upon consideration
  • upon further analysis
  • upon further review
  • upon investigation
  • upon reflection
  • upon review

Informal or Casual Synonyms for “In Conclusion”

For truly lax writing or intensely friendly conversations that require a proper conclusion, you have plenty of informal in conclusion synonyms at your disposal.

  • after all is said and done
  • as you can see
  • at the end of the day
  • for the most part
  • in a nutshell
  • in the main
  • last but not least
  • now that we've reached the end
  • TLDR
  • to bring things to a close
  • to bring things together
  • to sum things up
  • to wrap things up
  • to wind things up
  • what really matters is
  • without further ado

Printable List of Alternatives for 'In Conclusion'

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Is It Better To Not Use “In Conclusion” At All?

For some, in conclusion can seem redundant or otherwise unnecessary. A reader can likely figure out they’re at the conclusion of an essay.

However, in conclusion can act as a mental signal for you in your writing, allowing you to craft the perfect conclusion paragraph. So if you’re not sure about using in conclusion or incorporating any of its synonyms, try getting rid of it to see if your writing feels more natural.

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