Sentence Examples

  • The melting pans are generally circular vessels, fitted with a perforated false bottom, on which the sugar to be melted is dumped.
  • Formerly the pans were heated by open firing from below; but now the almost universal practice is to boil by steam injected from perforated pipes coiled within the pan, such injection favouring the uniform heating of the mass and causing an agitation favourable to the ultimate mixture and saponification of the materials.
  • The bottom of a crucible is perforated by a pipe which projects into the crucible to about two-thirds of its height.
  • Monstera is a tropical American genus of climbing shrubs, with large often much-perforated leaves; the fruiting spikes of a Mexican species, M.
  • With another form of gas stove coke is used in place of the perforated asbestos; the fire is started with the gas, which, when the coke is well alight, may be dispensed with, and the fire kept up with coke in the usual way.

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