Sentence Examples

  • The cat was staring hard at the mouse, as if ready to pounce.
  • In the early days of movies with sound, westerns, comedies, and dramas ruled the cinematic roost, but the horror movie was there, lurking in the shadows and waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on unsuspecting moviegoers.
  • Bottom line: don't pounce on a cookie-cutter recommendation out of a magazine just because some person with washboard abs recommends it -- read up on what's best for you or talk to a personal trainer.
  • They will get ready to pounce on their fellow cats, other animal house mates such as a long suffering dog, or even a handy human leg if nothing else of interest presents itself.
  • Babies are wired for doing lots of imitation, and they should pounce on the opportunity to exchange coos, stinging tongues out and doing the usual baby-parent routine.