Sentence Examples

  • The first recorded eruption of Mauna Loa was in 1832; since then there have been eruptions in 1851, 1852, 1855, 1859, 1868, 1880-1881, 1887, 1896,1899 and 1907.
  • In diameter to a height of 125-150 ft., and the eruption lasts 4-41 minutes.
  • As the eruption of Vesuvius (79) is alluded to, it must have occupied him a long time.
  • By the end of the 15th century n he mountain had resumed much the same general aspect as it is resented before the eruption described by Pliny.
  • T intervals, varying from a few weeks or months to a few years, has broken out into eruption, sometimes emitting only steam, ist and scoriae, but frequently also streams of lava.

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