Sentence Examples

  • If he was having problems finding a virtuous mate, fault more likely lay in a character flaw than his looks - as Katie had so often implied.
  • Darkyn suspected twisted Immortals like Sasha were rare.  One of the brothers on the Council That Was Seven, Sasha had been strategically placed to provide Darkyn more information than he'd hoped for.  Sasha's only flaw had been his madness, which ultimately resulted in his death.  Sasha had identified Ully, who was hand-selected by Andre.  While Darkyn didn't know the full details of how Andre had gotten Death to release the once-dead human, he did know Andre and Death wouldn't have done something so important if Ully wasn't the brilliant scientist he was.  It was unfortunate that Ully would be killed as soon as the three shapeshifting demons reached the underworld, but Darkyn didn't believe in loose ends.
  • His seat was contested on account of a technical flaw in regard to the duration of his citizenship, and in February 1794, almost three months after the beginning of the session, the senate annulled the election and sent him back to Pennsylvania with all the glory of political martyrdom.
  • The knife is then carefully examined, and if there be the slightest flaw in its blade the meat cannot be eaten, as the cut would not have been clean, the uneven blade causing a thrill to pass through the beast and thus driving the blood again through the arteries.
  • But there was no other flaw in the happiness of the marriage, which was solemnized on the 10th of February 1840 in the Chapel Royal, St James's.

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