Sentence Examples

  • Gould, in the Zoological Proceedings for 18 35 (p. 29), while pointing out Temminck's error, gave the species the name of Trogon resplendens, which it bore for some time.
  • In 1890 he tells us how a grievous error had been committed in one of the first steps, and pathetically adds, "My spirit in the work was broken, and I have never heartily proceeded with it since."
  • 2 35 51.997 With these three independent values, all falling within a range of os.25, it is improbable that the mean value has an error as large as os.10.
  • The observed heat of combustion of sugar is, however, 1354000, so that the error of the rule is here 20 per cent.
  • The seeds are harvested from various grasses, especially from Aristida oligantha, a species known as " ant rice," which often grows in quantity close to the site selected for the nest, but the statement that the ants deliberately sow this grass is an error, due, according to Wheeler, to the sprouting of germinating seeds.

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