Identification-division meaning

(computing) The (sometimes optional) part of a COBOL program that identifies the name of the program (optionally of its programmer)

1988 Allen Kent, James G. Williams, "Encyclopedia of microcomputers"Identification Division This division is the smallest and simplest division of a COBOL program. As the name indicates, it supplies identifying data about the program. It has no effect on the execution of the program but is required as a means of identifying the program to the computer's operating system.

1999 Gordon Bitter Davis, "The Blackwell encyclopedic dictionary of management information"The identification division gives the name of the program, its author, the date the program was written and other information that other users may find helpful in understanding or maintaining the program.

2006 Prakash Dhara, "Computer in Biological Sciences"The identification division is used to establish the identification of the program and its author.