Sentence Examples

  • It was entirely covered with the bottom moraine of the great ice-sheet of the Glacial Epoch, resting upon Silurian sandstones and limestones.
  • The prairies in this second table-land are gently rolling, and are covered with drift from the continental ice-sheet of the glacial period.
  • Of these, the Kansan ice-sheet was the most extensive, and the later ones constitute a diminishing series.
  • The former of these, representing the bottommoraine of the ice-sheet, are covered with Glacial and post-Glacial clays (partly of lacustrine and partly of marine origin) only in the peripheral coast-region - or in separate areas in the interior depressions.
  • As the part east of the river was once covered by the ice-sheet, its hills have been lowered and its valleys filled through the attrition of glaciers until the surface has a gently undulating appearance.