Ibogaine Definition

ĭ-bōgə-ēn, -ĭn
An alkaloid, C20H26N2O, extracted from a tropical African shrub (Tabernanthe iboga) of the dogbane family: may cause hallucinations, paralysis, etc.
Webster's New World

A naturally-occurring psychoactive compound found in a number of plants, principally iboga, and used for medicinal and ritual purposes in African spiritual traditions of the Bwiti.


Origin of Ibogaine

  • French ibogaïne from New Latin (Tabernanthē) iboga species name of shrub in whose root it is found probably ultimately from Ghetsogho (Bantu language of Gabon) ibogha boghaga to cure

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From French ibogaïne

    From Wiktionary

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