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  • The history of the alchemical period is treated in more detail in the article Alchemy, and of the iatrochemical in the article Medicine.
  • From the mazy and incoherent alchemical and iatrochemical doctrines, the former based on false conceptions of matter, the latter on erroneous views of life processes and physiology, a new science arose - the study of the composition of substances.
  • In the succeeding iatrochemical period, the methods of the alchemists were improved and new ones devised.
  • The germs of analytical chemistry are to be found in the writings of the pharmacists and chemists of the iatrochemical period.
  • The founder of the iatrochemical school was Sylvius (1614-1672), who belonged to a French family settled in Holland, and was for fourteen years professor of medicine at Leiden, where he attracted students from all quarters of Europe.

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