Sentence Examples

  • The present lineup includes Josh Freese, Jeordie White (Marilyn Manson), Aaron North (The Icarus Line), and Allesandro Cortini.
  • Falling under the displeasure of Minos, he fashioned wings for himself and his son Icarus, and escaped to Sicily.
  • This constellation has been known by many other names - Arcas, Arctophylax, Arcturus minor, Bubuleus, Bubulus, Canis latrans, Clamator, Icarus, Lycaon, Philometus, Plaustri custos, Plorans, Thegnis, Vociferator; the Arabs termed it Aramech or Archamech; Hesychius named it Orion; Jules Schiller, St Sylvester; Schickard, Nimrod; and Weigelius, the Three Swedish Crowns.
  • Icaria (pop. about 8000) derives its name from the legend of Icarus.