Sentence Examples

  • It is stated, for example, that Gallego does not possess nasal diphthongs; still it may be conceded once for all that such a word as p 1 a n u s, which in Galician is written sometimes chau and sometimes c/ian, cannot be very remote from the Portuguese nasal pronunciation chao.
  • ~n the 18th of April the question of the volunteers was :ussed in one of the most dramatic sittings of the ian parliament.
  • In 1877 he was offered the post of vice-chancellor with a seat in the Prus s ian ministry, but refused it because Bismarck or the king would not agree to his conditions.
  • LULEA, a seaport of Sweden, capital of the district (Ian) of Norrbotten, on the peninsula of Sandd, at the mouth of the Lule river and the north-west corner of the Gulf of Bothnia.
  • OSTERSUND, a town of Sweden, capital of the district (Ian) of Jemtland, on the east shore of StorsjO (Great Lake), 364 m.