What Does WTV Mean? The Abbreviation Explained

Updated October 5, 2021
Teenager Rolling Her Eyes WTV Abbreviation Explained
    Teenage Rolling Her Eyes WTV Abbreviation Explained
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What do you say in those boring moments when “whatever” even seems too long? You might say WTV, the shortened version of “whatever.” It's the perfect dismissive reply — just three letters tell the reader "I don't care what you just said."

WTV as an Abbreviation

WTV (and lowercase wtv) is a popular abbreviation on social media apps, especially Snapchat. You may also see it used as texting slang. WTV is the typed version of "whatev" (a shortened form of "whatever") and is pronounced the same way.

History of WTV

While "whatever" has been a catch-all term for "I don't care" for some time now, WTV is a relatively new abbreviation for it. It's been used since the early days of social media, increased with the introduction of messaging apps such as WhatsApp in 2009 and Snapchat in 2011, and is getting more popular with TikTok and other social media platforms.


Other Meanings of WTV

Depending on how you're using WTV, it may mean something besides "whatever." WTV can also mean:

  • What's The Vibe?

  • What's The Verdict?

  • Web Television

  • Windows Recorded TV Show (.wtv filename extension)

Examples and Usage of WTV

People use WTV to show that they don't care what someone just said, or that they don't agree. For example:

  • Person 1: You're so annoying.
  • Person 2: WTV dude, you're even worse.
  • Person 1: Ian looked cute at the dance yesterday.
  • Person 2: wtv! He's not my type.
  • Person 1: I can't go out because my report's due tomorrow.
  • Person 2: WTV. Just finish it when you get back.

WTV can also mean "I'm fine with whatever you choose." For example:

  • Person 1: Where should we go to dinner?
  • Person 2: WTV, your choice.
  • Person 1: Should I go to the party or to the dance?
  • Person 2: wtv you choose is fine with me.
  • Person 1: What do you want on your pizza?
  • Person 2: I'll have wtv you're having.

If you still don't feel like typing out "whatever," there are lots of abbreviations available to you. Besides the synonyms IDC (I Don't Care) and the well-used expression "meh," you can express disinterest with any of these abbreviations for "whatever":

  • WE
  • W/E
  • WTVR
  • WTR
  • WEV
  • WTVA
  • WTVTF (mix of WTV and WTF)

If you want to use WTV to let someone else make the decision, you can also use:

  • DFW - Down For Whatever
  • WFYB - Whatever Floats Your Boat
  • WYL - Whatever You Like
  • WYW - Whatever You Want
  • WFM - Works For Me