Sentence Examples

  • There were, however, but few prisons in France adapted for the cellular system, and the process of reconstruction has been slow, In 1898 the old Paris prisons of Grande-Roquette, Saint-Plagie and Mazas were demolished, and to replace them a large prison with 1500 cells was erected at Fresnes-ls-Rungis.
  • The Canadians now found themselves in front of the Fresnes-Rouvroy line, which in this sector ran from N.
  • Was in possession of the Fresnes-Rouvroy line along its entire front; the 2nd Div., however, despite valiant efforts, was unable to make much progress.
  • Great additions have been made to La Sante prison in Paris, and a new prison on gigantic lines has been opened at Fresnes les Rungis, on the outskirt of the metropolis, to replace the obsolete Mazas, and to give cellular accommodation to the large numbers always on hand in Paris.