Sentence Examples

  • When hip hop was created almost 30 years ago by Kurtis Blow & Fab 5, Freddy couldn't have dreamed that today's hip hop artists would have the opportunity to create and launch their own lines of hip hop shoes.
  • The Fab Four rocked the minds and warmed the hearts of a generation the world over, but it was when All You Need Is Love became the anthem of the anti-war movement that the power of music was truly felt.
  • In addition to her reality TV stints (Life in the Fab Lane and an appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race), Simmons has had small roles in a number of films, including Beauty Shop, Waist Deep and Little Nicky.
  • FAB clicks also offers several High School Musical watches in addition to the pink one listed above, such as a pink and white Troy digital watch or a denim with purple stars Troy watch.
  • This song wasn't the Fab Four's first single, but it was their first single to go number one in the US, heralding the start of the so-called British Invasion.