Sentence Examples

  • Verborum ordinem immuta, fac sic: ` Comprobfivit fili temeritas' jam nihil erit."
  • Dumeril, "Auguste et la fondation de l'empire romain," in the Annales de la Fac. des lett.
  • Fac. i.
  • They are (a+b)-?-c=a+(b+c) (A) (aXb)Xc=aX(bXc) (A') a+b=b+a (c) aXb=bXa (c') a(b c) =ab-Fac (D) (a - b)+b=a (I) (a=b)Xb=a (I') These formulae express the associative and commutative laws of the operations + and X, the distributive law of X, and the definitions of the inverse symbols - and =, which are assumed to be unambiguous.