Sentence Examples

  • Fix bad credit report repair specialists come into the picture when you're either uncomfortable seeking battle with giant, faceless corporations, or you're simply in too deep to successfully negotiate deals with every creditor.
  • This time, the expansion picks up two years after the disastrous events of Doom III and put players back on Mars, once again in the role of another faceless marine who tries to defend Earth from invading legions of hellspawn.
  • The record, he said, connected him to the timeless traditions of traditional music, rather than the faceless pop songs - such as "How Much is That Doggy in the Window?" - representative of the time.
  • By creating a Farm Cooperative rather than a faceless corporation, this company has been able to maintain the high standards that benefit both the farmer and the consumer.
  • Cyberpunk is: Crowded cityscapes, rain, nighttime, ginormous neon signs that overpower the stars, faceless masses and speeding rapid transit.