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  • By distillation of the ammonium salt glutarimide, CH 2 (CH 2 CP) 2 NH, is obtained; it forms small crystals melting at 151° to 152° C. and sublimes unchanged.
  • Terephthalic acid, formed by oxidizing para-diderivatives of benzene, or best by oxidizing caraway oil, a mixture of cymene and cuminol, with chromic acid, as almost insoluble in water, alcohol and ether; it sublimes without melting when heated.
  • By this method of distillation the arsenic sublimes into the receiver, leaving a residue of iron sulphide in the retort.
  • Realgar occurs native in orange prisms of specific gravity 3.5; it is prepared artificially by fusing together arsenic and sulphur, but the resulting products vary somewhat in composition; it is readily fusible and sublimes unchanged, and burns on heating in a current of oxygen, forming arsenic trioxide and sulphur dioxide.
  • It sublimes at about 310° C. Similar varieties of benzene hexabromide are known.

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