Sentence Examples

  • By sublimation in a current of hydrogen it can be crystallized in the form of regular octahedra; it is slightly harder than tin, but is softer than zinc, and like tin, emits a crackling sound when bent.
  • "Dry distillation" is the term used when solid substances which do not liquefy on heating are operated upon; "sublimation" is the term used when a solid distils without the intervention of a liquid phase.
  • We may also consider here cases of sublimation wherein a solid vaporizes and the vapour condenses without the occurrence of the liquid phase.
  • The crude product is refined by sublimation, when it is obtained as a white fibrous mass, which consists of a mixture of hydrogen ammonium carbonate, NH 4 �HCO 3, and ammonium carbamate, NH 2 Ooonh 4, in molecular proportions; on account of its possessing this constitution it is sometimes called ammonium sesquicarbonate.
  • Geoffroy read a paper to the French Academy, showing that sal ammoniac must be formed by sublimation; but his opinion was opposed so violently by W.

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