Sentence Examples

  • The salt, it appeared, was obtained by simple sublimation from soot.
  • It seems to be a sublimation-product formed in volcanoes by the interaction of the vapour of ferric chloride and steam.
  • It is a white solid which can be obtained crystalline by sublimation in a current of chlorine.
  • It combines violently with sulphur at 160° to form phosphorus sulphoxide, P406S4, which forms highly lustrous tetragonal plates (after sublimation), melting at 102° and boiling at 295°; it is decomposed by water .into sulphuretted hydrogen and metaphosphoric acid, the latter changing on standing into orthophosphoric acid.
  • It is a soft, flocculent powder, which on sublimation forms transparent, monoclinic crystals.

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