Sentence Examples

  • There's such a aura here, such a celestial ambience!
  • Like some kind of celestial ménage à trois?
  • Of Bacon's demand for observation and collection of facts he is an imitator; and he wishes (in a letter of 1632) that " some one would undertake to give a history of celestial phenomena after the method of Bacon, and describe the sky exactly as it appears at present, without introducing a single hypothesis."
  • By night Luria's soul ascended to heaven and conversed with celestial teachers who had once been men of renown on earth.
  • Its figure, place, magnitude and motion, with the celestial appearances, &c. By some it is taken in too limited a sense, for a bare description of the several countries; and by others too extensively, who along with such a description would have their political constitution."

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