Sentence Examples

  • Evelyn was splendidly dressed in blues and greens, her elegant shape clad in a very earthly, off the shoulder dress.
  • The recognition of this abstract notion of the Brahma as the highest cosmic principle and its identification with the pantheistic conception of an all-pervading, self-existent spiritual substance, the primary source of the universe; and subsequently coupled therewith the personification of its creative energy in the form of Brahma, the divine representative of the earthly priest, who was made to take the place of the earlier conception of Prajapati, " the lord of creatures" (see B Rahmanism).
  • Prayer was his main prop. By it men became controllers of the earthly world and reached God.
  • 12 § 83) knows of an earthly Jesus and denies the principle of his sinlessness (see above).
  • In accordance with this view he declared that the patriarch was the image of Christ, the head of the Church, and was therefore subject to no earthly authority, and he complained of the tsar's interference in ecclesiastical affairs.

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