Sentence Examples

  • Man is the chef-d'oeuvre of nature, which the gradual progression of beings was to have as its last term, and all lower creations are regarded as pre-conditions of man's existence, since nature " could only realize the human form by combining in all imaginable ways each of the traits which was to enter into it."
  • Accurately, the amazing facts of Christ and primitive Christianity, every imaginable hypothesis is canvassed.
  • With both he took all imaginable pains to avoid offending the censorship; for Voltaire had, more than any other man who ever lived, the ability and the willingness to stoop to conquer.
  • It is the Tsure-zure-gusa (Materials/or Dispelling Ennui), by KenkO-bOshi, described by Mr Aston as one of the most delightful oases in Japanese literature; a collection of short sketches, anecdotes and essays on all imaginable subjects, something in the manner of Seldens Table Talk.
  • If this view of his optimism be correct, Shaftesbury, as Mill says of Leibnitz, must be regarded as maintaining, not that this is the best of all imaginable but only of all possible worlds.

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