Sentence Examples

  • That might be a conceivable development of usage.
  • The list of Varro's writings includes over seventy treatises and more than six hundred books dealing with topics of every conceivable kind.
  • Paelex, " concubine," it is conceivable that it meant "halfbreeds," and was a name coined in contempt by the conquering Sabines, who turned the tonta Maronca into the community of the Marrucini (q.v.).
  • The former is concerned with the laws that regulate phenomena in all conceivable cases: the latter is concerned with the application of these laws.
  • When flying, flamingos present a striking and beautiful sight, with legs and neck stretched out straight, looking like white and rosy or scarlet crosses with black arms. Not less fascinating is a flock of these sociable birds when at rest, standing on one or both legs, with their long necks twisted or coiled upon the body in any conceivable position.