Sentence Examples

  • Descartes regards matter as uniform in character throughout the universe; he anticipates, as it were, from his own transcendental ground, the revelations of spectrum analysis as applied to the sun and stars.
  • This denial of any reasonable ground for belief in immortality in the Critique of Pure Reason (Transcendental Dialectic, bk.
  • At the time, I devoted three days to the studious digesting of all this beer, beef, and bread, during which many profound thoughts were incidentally suggested to me, capable of a transcendental and Platonic application; and, furthermore, I compiled supplementary tables of my own, touching the probable quantity of stock-fish, etc., consumed by every Low Dutch harpooneer in that ancient Greenland and Spitzbergen whale fishery.
  • Only the rhythm has a unique, transcendental archetype.
  • A three month study showed that Transcendental Meditation was effective in reducing blood pressure in people with mildly elevated blood pressure.

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