Sentence Examples

  • Emerson's transcendentalism greatly influenced him, and Strauss's Leben Jesu left its mark upon his thought.
  • In Kant's Analogien der Erfahrung (1876) he keenly criticized Kant's transcendentalism, and in his chief work Idealismus and Positivismus (3 vols., 1879-1884), he drew a clear contrast between Platonism, from which he derived transcendentalism, and positivism, of which he considered Protagoras the founder.
  • This new noumenal idealism began, like the preceding, by combining psycho l0 ical idealism with the transcendentalism of Kant and Fichte.
  • Lange to some extent modified the transcendentalism of Kant's theory of the origin of knowledge.
  • He at once began to take an independent part in the movements then agitating NewEngland, which between 1830 and 1850 was stirred by discussions pertaining to Unitarianism, transcendentalism, spiritualism, abolitionism and various schemes for communistic living.

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