Sentence Examples

  • His high conception of God's transcendence, it may be supposed, led him to ignore intermediary agencies, which are common in the popular literature, and later, under the influence of this same conception of transcendence, are freely employed.
  • The first form of Realism corresponds to the Platonic theory of the transcendence of the ideas; the second reproduces the Aristotelian doctrine of the essence as inseparable from the individual thing.
  • He supposes real as well as imaginary transcendence in cosmological " ideals "; the former as to the forms of space and time, the latter as to content, e.g.
  • This being so, he finds in mathematics two kinds of transcendence - real, where the transcendent, though not actual in experience, can become partly so, e.g.
  • He supposes in metaphysics the same transcendence in forming cosmological, psychological, and ontological " ideals."