Sentence Examples

  • This being so, he finds in mathematics two kinds of transcendence - real, where the transcendent, though not actual in experience, can become partly so, e.g.
  • He supposes in metaphysics the same transcendence in forming cosmological, psychological, and ontological " ideals."
  • He supposes real as well as imaginary transcendence in cosmological " ideals "; the former as to the forms of space and time, the latter as to content, e.g.
  • In-manere to dwell in, remain), in philosophy and theology a term applied in contradistinction to "transcendence," to the fact or condition of being entirely within something.
  • It should be observed that the immanence doctrine need not preclude the belief in the transcendence of God: thus God may be regarded as above the world (transcendent) and at the same time as present in and pervading it (immanent).

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