Sentence Examples

  • IMMANENCE (from Lat.
  • The immanence doctrine has arisen from two main causes, the one metaphysical, the other religious.
  • In pure metaphysics the term "immanence-philosophy" is given to a doctrine held largely by German philosophers (Rehmke, Leclair, Schuppe and others) according to which all reality is reduced to elements immanent in consciousness.
  • The unity of our personal life amidst the multiplicity of its functions is the symbol of God's immanence in the world, though we may not conceive of the Absolute as a person.
  • But the immanence of God in the things and persons that compose the universal order, with what this implies, is a con ception foreign to Locke, whose habitual conception was of an extra-mundane deity, the dominant conception in the 18th century.

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