Sentence Examples

  • And so on, creates "magnified nonnatural men,".who presently made their appearance in ritual (for to think a thing the savage must dance it);; whereupon personal intercourse becomes possible between such a being and the tribesmen, the more so because the supporters of law and order, the elders, will wish to associate themselves as closely as possible with the supreme law-giver.
  • Thus there is good evidence to show that many of the early gods, notably those that are held to be especially well disposed to man, are conceived rather in the shape of magnified nonnatural men dwelling somewhere apart, such as the Munganngaur of the Kurnai of S.E.
  • These parties, consciously but amicably differing in their whole relation to the Jewish law and the outside world, were subsequently forced into a nonnatural uniformity.
  • Xxv.) he saw that the " gods " in the tale were really " demons," " stronger than men, but having the divine part not wholly unalloyed " - " magnified nonnatural men," in short.