Sentence Examples

  • Those finer particles of the blood which become extremely rarefied during this process pass off in two directions - one portion, and the least important in the theory, to the organs of generation, the other portion to the cavities of the brain.
  • There he continued his researches on the discharge of electricity in rarefied gases, only just missing the discovery of the X-rays described by W.
  • The fifth type of wave detector depends upon the peculiar property of rarefied gases or vapours which under some circumstances possess a unilateral conductivity.
  • Fleming discovered that if the filament is made incandescent by the current from an insulated battery there is a unilateral conductivity of the rarefied gas between the hot filament and the metal plate, such that if the negative terminal of the filament is connected outside the lamp through a coil in which electric oscillations are created with the platinum plate, only one half of the oscillations are permitted to pass, viz., those which carry negative electricity from the hot filament to the cooled plate through the vacuous space.
  • This phenomenon is connected with the fact that incandescent bodies, especially in rarefied gases, throw off or emit electrons or gaseous negative ions.

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