Sentence Examples

  • The island, thinned of its former inhabitants, had become the home of immense herds of wild cattle; and it became the habitaf smugglers to provision at Santo Domingo.
  • The "schools" of whitebait advancing and retiring with the tide for days, and probably for weeks, have to run the gauntlet of a dozen of these nets, and therefore get very much thinned in number by the end of the season.
  • He thinned the disaffected population by allowing foreign enlistment, and 40,000 are said to have been thus got rid of.
  • The army had been thinned by desertion and was enervated by long indiscipline.
  • But these pastures have been much damaged by the Provencal shepherds to whom they are let out, while the forests have been very much thinned (though extensive reafforestments are now being carried out) so that the soil is very dry and made drier by exposure to the southern sun.

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