Sentence Examples

  • " Tenants," to quote the Cowper Commission again, " who have paid even the judicial rents have been summoned to appear before self-constituted tribunals, and if they failed to do so, or on appearing failed to satisfy those tribunals, have been fined or boycotted."
  • For many years the works of Swedenborg and his followers were proscribed, and receivers of his writings fined or deprived of office, but in 1866, when religious liberty had made progress, the cause was again taken up; in 1875 the society of " Confessors of the New Church " was formed in Stockholm, and since 1877 services have been regularly held.
  • Subsequently Oliver St John was fined and imprisoned for making a violent protest against the benevolence,and on the occasion of his trial Sir Francis Bacon defended the request for money as voluntary.
  • His determination to end the system was well shown by the fact that he heavily fined even the earl of Oxford, the companion of his exile~ the victor of Bosworth, and the most notoriously loyal peer in the realm, for an ostentatious violation of the statute.
  • The audience was moved to tears, the poet was fined for reminding the Athenians of their misfortunes, and it was decreed that no play on the subject should be produced again.

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