Sentence Examples

  • The poor and thinly-peopled region of Alemtejo is divided into large estates, and cultivated by tenant farmers.
  • Deep, radishes being sown thinly over them and covered lightly with mould.
  • Moshesh ruled over a region largely mountainous and over a people numerous and virile; Pondoland was somewhat remote and was densely inhabited by warlike Kaffirs; the two Griqua states were, however, missionary creations; they were thinly inhabited and occupied open plains easy of access - hence their ultimate collapse.
  • In the next place these people, thinly scattered over a wide extent of territory, had lived for long under little restraint from the laws, and when in 1815, by the institution of " Commissions of Circuit," justice was brought nearer to their homes, various offences were brought to light, the remedying of which caused much resentment.
  • The higher ranges intercept considerable moisture from the prevailing trade winds, and their flanks and valleys are covered with forest, but the plateaus are either thinly wooded or open campo.

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