Sentence Examples

  • Her language is graceful and natural, her sentiments are refined and sober; and, as Mr Aston well says, her story flows on easily from one scene of real life to another, giving us a varied and minutely detailed picture of life and society in KiOto, such as we possess for no other country at the same period.
  • Neither the camellia noi the daphne is regarded as a refined flower: their manner of shedding their blossoms is too unsightly.
  • From the skill of Fra Giocondo, Verona was for many years one of the chief centres in which the most refined and graceful forms of the early Renaissance were developed.
  • The result of this would be seen in the motions of the planets around the sun; but the most refined observations show no such effect.
  • The nitre thus refined is exported chiefly from Valparaiso, whence the name of "Chile saltpetre."

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