Sentence Examples

  • "I think someone in the government was working with some very powerful partners who had the funding, operational planning, and corrupt government officials in high enough places to execute," she said.
  • Its modern English name is a corrupt form of the Spanish Vizcaya.
  • The primary government is aristocratic. Patrician tyranny rouses the populace to revolt, and then democratic equality is established under a republic. Democratic excesses cause the rise of an empire, which, becoming corrupt, declines into barbarism, and, again emerging from it, retraces the same course.
  • One effect of the Taiping rebellion was to close the native custom-house at Shanghai; and as Lhe corrupt alternatives proposed by the Chinese were worse than useless, it was arranged by Sir Rutherford Alcock, the British consul, with his French and American colleagues, that they should undertake to collect the duties on goods owned by foreigners entering and leaving the port.
  • His Curia was notoriously corrupt, and he himself openly practised nepotism in favour of his children, concerning whom the epigram is quoted: "Octo nocens pueros genuit, totidemque puellas: - Hunc merito poterit dicere Roma patrem."

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