Sentence Examples

  • "Alum cake" is an impure product.
  • The impure spirit is blown out and the pure blown in.
  • The ordinary impure metal dissolves at once, the more readily the less pure it is.
  • Its elementary nature was imperfectly understood; and the impure specimens obtained by the early chemists explain, in some measure, its confusion with tin, lead, antimony, zinc and other metals; in 1595 Andreas Libavius confused it with antimony, and in 1675 Nicolas Lemery with zinc. These obscurities began to be finally cleared up with the researches of Johann Heinrich Pott (1692-1777), a pupil of Stahl, published in his Exercitationes chemicae de Wismutho (1769), and of N.
  • An impure form of the salt is prepared by roasting blende at a low temperature.