Sentence Examples

  • I think you have impeccable taste.
  • The same assembly condemned the doctrine put forth by Edward Irving, that Christ took upon Him the sinful nature of man and was not impeccable, and Irving was deposed five years later by the presbytery of Annan, when the outburst of supposed miraculous gifts in his church in London had rendered him still more obnoxious to the strict censures of the period.
  • Herculano led the way in the historical romance by his Lendas e narrativas and 0 Monasticon, two somewhat laboured productions, whose progenitor was Walter Scott; they still find readers for their impeccable style.
  • He had impeccable credentials for the job of heading the US central bank.
  • He is similar to Hague, with sound principles and seemingly impeccable character; but, he lacks Hague's delivery.

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