Positive Words That Start With F

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Updated July 12, 2021
Positive Word F examples
    Positive F words examples
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Whether you’re playing word games with friends, looking for a little positive inspiration, or creating an acrostic poem, a list of good words that start with the letter F can give you a fantastic feeling.

Words Beginning With F That Have 5 or Fewer Letters

These F words are favorable and fairly short.




fan (n.)

person who is enthusiastic about someone or something

supporter, enthusiast, follower

favor (n.)

something you do for someone else

partiality, endorsement, approval

find (v.)

to locate something that was missing

locate, discover, detect

fine (adj.)

something superior in quality

well-made, exquisite, exceptional

fit (adj.)

proper, appropriate, or in good physical condition

suitable, proper

focus (n.)

the central point of attention

center, hub, core

for (prep.)

in favor of

toward, supporting

free (adj.)

enjoying personal liberties

liberated, independent, self-governed

fresh (adj.)

something recently harvested, produced, or newly made

pure, new, raw

fun (n.)

playfulness or something that brings joy

enjoyable, amusing, merry

funny (adj.)

causing laughter

amusing, comical, humorous

Words Beginning With F That Have 6 or More Letters

These longer words that start with F help facilitate fellowship, family time, and fun.




fabulous (adj.)

someone or something astonishing or very good

remarkable, amazing, incredible

facilitate (v.):

to make something easier

aid, expedite, promote

fairness (n.):

just and reasonable treatment

justice, impartiality

faithful (adj.):

someone who is loyal and reliable

loyal, dedicated, devoted

familiar (adj.):

something or someone known to you

usual, habitual, common

family (n.):

group of people who share common ancestors

clan, kinsmen, relatives

fanciful (adj.):

something that is imaginary in a fun way

fantastical, whimsical, imaginative

fandom (n.):

all the fans of a particular person or activity

following, fan club, followers

fantabulous (adj):

slang word for something remarkably good

stupendous, amazing, fabulous

fantastic (adj.):

something incredible

extravagant, unreal, wonderful

fantasy (n.):

an extravagant product of the imagination

reverie, daydream, creation

fascination (n.):

something that attracts or intrigues someone

enchantment, allurement, attraction

fashionable (adj.):

something that is in style

stylish, popular, chic

fateful (adj.):

something destined to happen


favorite (n.):

person or thing that is best liked

preferred, beloved, liked

feasible (adj.):

something that is possible or doable

attainable, achievable, workable

felicitous (adj.):

something that enjoys the benefits of good fortune

lucky, fortunate

fellow (n.):

a peer doing the same activity as you

peer, associate, colleague

fellowship (n.):

group of people who share common interests

brotherhood, sisterhood, club

fertile (adj.):

someone or something capable of reproduction

fruitful, productive, yielding

festive (adj.):

something cheerful and celebratory

celebratory, joyous, joyful

fidelity (n.):

being loyal or faithful

loyalty, devotion, allegiance

flawless (adj.):


faultless, impeccable, unblemished

flexible (adj.):

someone or something that can adjust to change

pliable, bendable, limber

flirtatious (adj.):

indicating a romantic interest through actions or words

seductive, coy, teasing

forefront (n.):

the thing that is the most important

lead, vanguard, focus

foresight (n.):

the ability to see or plan for what happens in the future

prevision, forethought

forevermore (adv.):

always and forever

everlasting, permanently, eternally

forgiving (adj.):

able to forgive

lenient, understanding, merciful

fortuitous (adj.):

happening by chance or good fortune

serendipitous, inadvertent, lucky

fortunate (adj.):

someone or something that is lucky

lucky, blessed, fortuitous

forward (adj.):

directed toward something in advance

advancing, progressive, onward

fragrant (adj.):

having a sweet or pleasant smell

aromatic, perfumed

fraternity (n.):

social group for men with shared interests

brotherhood, fellowship, club, society

freedom (n.):

the state of being independent

liberty, independence, autonomy

friendly (adj.):

someone or something kind, helpful, or affectionate

sociable, amicable, kindly

fruitful (adj.):

something productive or effective

prolific, productive, fertile

fulfilling (adj.):


gratifying, rewarding, sufficient

fundraising (n.):

the act of soliciting money for charitable purposes

soliciting, drive


Great Opportunities for Positive F-Words

Positive words that start with F are great for writing fantasy and fiction. These friendly words can help you describe familiar characters, flawless landscapes, and fateful plots.

Example Sentences Using Positive F-Words

These ten sentences use some of the most positive words starting with F.

  1. I am Daniel Radcliffe’s biggest fan.
  2. If you focus on your task, you’ll complete it sooner.
  3. That joke was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing.
  4. My faithful wife has never left my side while I’ve been hospitalized.
  5. You are my favorite aunt.
  6. Those Christmas decorations are so festive.
  7. She was a very forgiving person.
  8. I am fortunate to have such great parents.
  9. His friendly nature made me feel comfortable.
  10. The new employee is fulfilling all my expectations.

Fantastic Finds

You’ve finished finding fantastic words that start with F. Now it’s time to take your love of the letter F to the next level by exploring nouns that start with F and adjectives that start with F.