Fanciful Definition

Full of fancy; indulging in fancies; imaginative in a playful way; whimsical.
Webster's New World
Created in the fancy; imaginary; not real.
A fanciful tale.
Webster's New World
Showing fancy in construction or design; quaint; odd.
Fanciful costumes.
Webster's New World
The definition of fanciful is something that is imaginary in a fun way, or is something designed to be for decoration, rather than practical.
If you are a terrible singer but harbor a belief that some day you will be an opera star, this is an example of a fanciful dream.
Embellishments added to a dress that serve no purpose other than decoration are an example of something that would be described as fanciful.

Origin of Fanciful

  • fancy +‎ -ful

    From Wiktionary

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