Sentence Examples

  • When other games like Restaurant City and FarmVille came out, they spawned a whole online cottage industry of websites, e-books, blogs and forums dedicated to finding the best ways to get to higher levels and fancier online environs.
  • Instead of stressing yourself out over an entirely new style, shop for suits that encompass looks you might already be rocking, like a pair of gaucho pants paired with a fitted jacket, or a tuxedo-style pant suit for a fancier event.
  • If you're a current T-Mobile customer in pursuit of an upgrade to a better, fancier phone, or you're a potential new customer interested in seeing what types of phones they offer, T-Mobile Shadow reviews can help.
  • In the past, many business people didn't consider digital watches to look quite as professional, but with today's fancier versions that feature sleek, smooth designs, this is no longer a factor.
  • A simple straw hat can make the dress look perfect for a trip to the beach, while a fancier hat (and shoes perhaps) can make the same sun dress look like a beautiful outfit for a summer wedding.