Sentence Examples

  • The connexion of " Lesser Armenia " with the Western powers led to the formation, 1335, of an Armenian fraternity, " the Unionists," which adopted the dogmas of the Roman church, and at the council of Florence 1 was Ro man > 439 Ca tholics.
  • The clauses of the will governing the distribution of these prizes are as follows: " The entire sum shall be divided into five equal parts, one to go to the man who shall have made the most important discovery or invention in the domain of physical science; another to the man who shall have made the most important discovery or introduced the greatest improvement in chemistry; the third to the author of the most important discovery in the domain of physiology or medicine; the fourth to the man who shall have produced the most remarkable work of an idealistic nature; and, finally, the fifth to the man who shall have done the most or best work for the fraternity of nations, the suppression or reduction of standing armies, and the formation and propagation of peace congresses.
  • Among a number of almshouses are some bearing the name of Queen Elizabeth, endowed in 1562 out of the revenues of a dissolved fraternity of St Mary.
  • This latter aspect of the fraternity was to be satisfied by the contribution from each fellow of five dollars by way of initiation fee.
  • Jacopo Niccolini, one of a religious fraternity dedicated to consoling the last hours of condemned men, remained with him.