Sentence Examples

  • If you're on a historically African American college campus and you hear a Zeta Phi Beta step chant ringing out over the quad, the odds are you will see a group of strong, confident women singing them together, celebrating their sorority.
  • As host of a party where you expect a lot of drinking to be happening, you should be prepared with the numbers of taxi services or to allow people to spend the night if your party is at a fraternity or sorority house.
  • While a lot of college parties seem to be a melee of people getting together, hanging out, and drinking - there is some planning that goes into them - particularly if they are hosted by a fraternity or sorority.
  • Becoming a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority means entering into a sisterhood that celebrates its history and tradition through service, social awareness, and of course a litany of Delta chants.
  • One of the primary goals of the establishment of this sorority was to "de-emphasize the social aspect of sorority life" and instead promote academic excellence and community service among its members.