Sentence Examples

  • In 1838 he gained a fellowship, and graduated with first-class honours in 1839.
  • In October 1818 he was elected to a fellowship, and went for a year's travel on the Continent.
  • In 1844 he entered St John's College, Cambridge, where he was senior wrangler in 1848, and gained the first Smith's prize and the Burney prize; and in 1849 he was elected to a fellowship, and began his life of college lecturer and private tutor.
  • It springs from the religious principle that each body of believers in actual church-fellowship must be free of all external human control, in order the more fully to obey the will of God as conveyed to conscience by His Spirit.
  • This fellowship with the glorified Christ rather than a less spiritual trust in his death and atonement is with him the essential thing.