Sentence Examples

  • Scamp Travel Trailers: The company's website states that Scamp trailers are durable, easy to tow and maneuver and feature a lightweight, built-to-order design.
  • I know she's a scamp of a girl, but I like her.
  • Among successful dramatic pieces may be mentioned the Falu rossza (Village Scamp) of Edward Toth (1875), which represents the life of the Hungarian peasantry, and shows both poetic sentiment and dramatic skill; A szerelem harcza (Combat of Love), by Count Geza Zichy; Iskdriot (1876) and the prize tragedy Tamora (1879), by Anthony Varady; Janus (1877), by Gregory Csiky; and the dramatized romance Szep Mikhal (Handsome Michal), by Maurus Jokai (1877).