Sentence Examples

  • Betsy had the foresight to take her computer.
  • There was much jealousy of Dr Bunting, the master mind of Methodism, to whose foresight and wisdom large part of its success was due.
  • To the wise foresight which, at a moment when the country was sinking beneath a weight of debt, did not hesitate to add this million for expenditure on productive works, the present prosperity of Egypt is largely due.
  • This was the most formidable assault the school ever encountered; that it survived was due more to the foresight and elaborate precautions of Chrysippus than to any efforts of that " pen-doughty " pamphleteer, Antipater (KaXauo i (as), who shrank from opposing himself in person to the eloquence of Carneades.
  • Then comes the almost human foresight with which the bee prevents the inevitable chaos created by an overcrowded home.