Sentence Examples

  • He forced her head back until he could see her eyes, and she could see the unholy light in his.
  • The year which marked the close of the Lateran council was also signalized by Leo's unholy war against the duke of Urbino.
  • Unfortunately at the very outset of its career the composition of the new cabinet proved disappointing; for while such men as Count Guicciardini, the minister for foreign affairs, and Signor Luzzatti at the treasury commanded general approval, the choice of Signor Sacchi as minister of justice and of Signor Pantano as minister of agriculture and trade, both of them advanced and militant Radicals, savoured of an unholy compact between the premier and his erstwhile bitter enemies, which boded ill for tht~ success of the administration.
  • Numerous foreigners had been allowed to settle in Moscow and to build for themselves a heretical church, and their strange unholy customs had been adopted by not a few courtiers and great dignitaries.
  • 16 seq.), abhorrence for the unholy word was marked by writing bosheth (shameful thing) for baal in compound proper names, and thus we get the usual forms Ishbosheth, Mephibosheth.

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