Sentence Examples

  • The story is that the Romans, entangled in a defile, were suffering from thirst.
  • Leaves it at Orsova by another narrow defile, the Iron Gate.
  • But the Allied main army took a long time to defile over the Scheldt and could form up (on the left of Cadogan's detachment) only slowly and by degrees.
  • The ground between the hills and the marshy valley of the Danube forms a defile through which the main road from DonauwOrth led to Ulm; parallel streams divide the narrow plain into strips.
  • In April 1886 the frontier was drawn back to Wadi Haifa, a fortified camp at the northern end of the desolate defile, Batn-el-Hagar, through which the Nile tumbles amid black, rocky hills in a succession of rapids, and debouches on a wide plain.