Sentence Examples

  • If, after its third residence in a human body, it is still too weak to withstand the contamination of sin, it is united with another soul, in order that by their combined efforts it may resist the pollution which by itself it was unable to conquer.
  • Bouillon is the only town on its banks, and since it is not navigable it has escaped the contamination of manufacturing life; its valley remains an ideal specimen of sylvan scenery and medieval tranquillity.
  • In ordinary circumstances, where the artery is obstructed by an agent free from such organismal contamination, the part becomes first red.
  • If the injury be a small incised wound through the skin and subcutaneous tissues without any septic contamination, there usually follows a minimum of reaction on the part of the tissues.
  • In addition to these sources of contamination the air of the mine is frequently charged with gas issuing from the rocks or from the mineral deposit.

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