Sentence Examples

  • Tea from Pu-erh Fu in S.
  • Above Tientsin; the Pu-to-ho, which rises in Shan-si, and after running a parallel course to Shang-si-ho on the south, empties itself in the same way into the Hun-ho; and the Lan-ho, which rises in Mongolia, enters the province on the north-east after passing to the west of Jehol, passes the city of Yung-Ong Fu in its course (which is south-easterly) through Chih-li, and from thence winds its way to the north-eastern boundary of the Gulf of Chih-li.
  • The kinetic energy per cubic centimetre is 2 pu t, where is the density and u is the velocity of disturbance due to the passage of the wave.
  • The excess pressure on CD is therefore 4 1 (c:3+ pu 2)dt.
  • If then dl is an element of the path, putting dt = do/U, we have the average excess of pressure p = ° (to } pu 2) dt = Lj j (+pu2)dI.

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